Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages on which visitors ‘land’ on upon clicking inbound links. So in a sense, this is the space which gives visitors the first impression of the terrain that lies ahead; if they like the landing page, they are quite likely to explore ahead but if not, they are very likely to jump ship!

That is the reason landing pages hold so much value in today’s day and age. Clients go all out to ensure that their landing pages are as attractive to visitors as possible whereby they continue to visit frequently or perhaps sign up (if there is any such provision) as quickly as possible, and so on.

Various dynamics of landing pages

When it comes to landing pages there are many dynamics that come into play. For instance, design is one major factor. Then there is content which is definitely just as important. Ultimately, it is the best possible culmination of design and content which attract visitors and then ultimately keep them hooked (or make them stay away in case of a poor mix of design and content).

SEO proves to be important

Notwithstanding the proliferation of social media, a lot of traffic to websites continues to come from search engines. Accordingly, if clients are keen on getting visitors to arrive onto their landing pages after having searched online using pertinent search strings, they have to ensure that content on their landing pages is very well optimized for those search strings.

For this, SEO is absolutely critical which is why at Phoenix Marketing Design we work very often specifically in the niche of SEO for landing pages. Of course, as with our overall SEO principle, in case of landing pages too, we strictly abide by white hat methods only.

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