Today when prints on so many external surfaces / objects have become so popular, it’s not difficult to ‘gauge the rage’ for decals.

At Phoenix Marketing Design, we specialize in consistently coming out with a wide range of decal designs that can then be used on a variety of different surfaces such as porcelain, glass, and cloth to name a few. So whether you are looking for coffee mug prints, customized t-shirt designs or just about any such item, our decals service will help you with the needful.

Events increasingly seeking out decals

Today we find a plethora of corporate (and other) events taking place in and around Phoenix quite often. This in turn has led to a surge in the demand for items that seek decals. For instance, there are press conferences for which specially designed items are made from decals. Then there are product launches – often corresponding with numerous freebies or product samples being given out where again, decals play a major role.

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